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The right lending team, and the right strategy can make a HUGE difference in your home buying experience. Learn how the borrowSMART process can help your offer stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Home sellers will KNOW that your offer will close efficiently. Our experience with the loan closing process will guide you around all the myriad possible pitfalls. We leverage technology to use digital signatures on our loan disclosures, and secure paperless document sharing makes the process go FAST!

If you have come this far into the website, you have noticed I've spent most of the time talking about our unique approach that adds value through proper education and strategy. But when it comes to closing the loan, we do that as well as anybody in Oregon. Here is what happens behind the scenes with your documentation and financial data between the time of application, and the close of the loan. These steps are not unique at all to us, but are applicable to just about any loan delivery in the USA.

The borrowSMART process will give you options, a smartSEARCH game plan, and an extra bit of marketing muscle to help market YOU as the right buyer for the home you want.

We have lots of experience working with ALL types of buyers:

First time buyers

Get educated about how it all works. Learn about all available first time home buyer programs such as the NHF Platinum down payment grant, the Portland MCC: Mortgage Credit Certificate, or the old battleship- the Oregon Bond Loan. Learn exactly how real estate impacts your cash flow month to month, and how it effects your personal balance sheet long term. The last step in the borrowSMART process is called “repaySMART”! We will give you a debt re-payment plan that maximizes your efficiency and makes sure you aren’t storing money in inefficient places (blind spot #3!).

Move up buyers

Get the skinny on what it might look like to sell and then buy simultaneously. Look at options to buy non-contingent upon sale of current primary. What are the implications of retaining your current primary and converting to a rental property? We will explore all potential outcomes and try to match a plan that fits your bigger financial goals.

Relocating to Portland

We love relocation buyers! Having digital document signing and paperless delivery really comes in handy when you are packing and moving. Getting connected with the top professionals in the Portland area is also a great side effect of working with us. Let us make sure your wealth team is integrated and all rowing in the same direction. Local accountants, financial planners, estate planning attorneys will all be at your service. As a parent of small children, I can also consult about different school situations from pre-school all the way up..

Real estate investors

James is not only a mortgage specialist, but is also an experienced real estate investor. We have deep analysis tools to help investors understand the return on cash net of operating expenses. We help home owners become first time landlords by creating plans to retain their old primary and move to a new primary and rent it out. Or we also have experience with helping buyers purchase owner occupied multi plex propertie

Downsizing buyers

These are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the borrowSMART conversation in my experience. When buyers have raised the family and need to sell the big family home for something more manageable, there is a HUGE opportunity to move home equity into something more productive. This is when home equity is often at a high point, and retirement planning comes to the fore. Helping to make sure we’re paying off the right debts, and finding the right balance between downpayment and retirement savings is our specialty. We can re-visit or help craft a retirement plan with one of our wealth team partners. How much goes into retirement reserves, and how much goes towards the down payment? With the borrowSMART advantage downsizing buyers can be sure they are acting defensively and with maximum efficiency!

The 6 Steps of Getting a Mortgage

Get to know the key players and major steps in getting a mortgage in this helpful infographic.

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