A Special Message to My Friends and Clients

By james on August 30, 2010

This is my plea to all of my clients past and present: Even if we closed a mortgage earlier this year, even if you think you are upside down on your homes equity, even if you think for some reason that this recent outbreak of mortgage refinance activity will not apply to you... you have to give me a ring, or send an email to james@pdxhomeloan.com.  Many of you are invested in 401(k) plans, and mutual funds, and have been taking a beating from the plunge of the stock market since 2008.  Well... think of the ridiculously low mortgage rates that are currently available as a way to BENEFIT from that same down market. (Because as stock markets shrink, money goes to bonds, and when bond yields get lower, so do long term mortgage rates!)

This Portland Home Loan website has been designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to engage with the process.  There are two big buttons in the upper right corner of the site -- one is a Loan Application, and the other is a Rate Quote and super quick questionnaire.  Please fill out one of these forms and let me at least do some quick cost/benefit analysis for you.  I have many clients saving over $500 per month with absolutely no fees from the lender or title company.  Many more clients are switching to 15 year amortizations and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in total interest cost.

Please take a minute and put me to work for you.  I have never seen anything like this, and although it appears that we will be living with low rates like this for some time to come, nobody can be certain that this will last.

I am doing my best to pick up the phone and reach out individually to you, but please know that I am open for business and we are closing most loans in about 30 days.

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